Volvo The Game

Volvo The Game 1.0

Surprisingly good driving simulator


  • Realistic physics
  • Variety of Volvo cars
  • Configurable gameplay


  • Difficult
  • Computer opponents can be stupid


Volvo have never had the exciting racing image of companies like Ferrari, but with Volvo - The Game, they are trying to show that you can be a speed freak and drive a Volvo.

This free racing game features a collection of Volvos for you to race around two circuits. There are three racing modes - quick race, time attack and competition.

We couldn't get the competition mode to connect - it has an online element, but the other two worked fine.

Many control systems are supported, as well as keyboard.

There are lots of difficulty settings, so it can be as realistic as you want it to be. Even on the easiest settings it's a tough game to win, though.

It plays like a simulation, and although you can set your opponents abilities, the only thing that they do poorly is recover from spins. Knock an opponent into a spin, and you won't hear from them for some time!

Graphically Volvo the Game is great for a free game, but a little behind the polish of recent commercial efforts. However, it's good enough, the sound is good and it provides a solid racing experience.

Who thought Volvos could be exciting? Volvo the Game is a great little free game that will challenge even the the most race hardened gamers.


Volvo The Game


Volvo The Game 1.0

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